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Every Friday we issue a new Writing Prompt, these are also featured in each Magazine for the coming month as well. The idea was to have a prompt that gave Writers the best chance of getting it done, started or simply just considered, which is why we decided on a friday, giving the whole weekend for working on the prompt.

Writing Prompts encourages writers to step out of their comfort zones to try their hands at something different without fully committing to a whole project. The prompts can be fun, silly, serious, challenging, but most of all they are a great tool for writers.

so below is all the current Weekly Writing Prompts we have done and links to any of them that Writers have submitted to us. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Prompt 1: Friday 1st. Week 1.

As an Adult returning to a Childhood Park.


Prompt 2: Friday 8th. Week 2.

Mankind's first Contact with a Forgotten Fantasy Species on Earth.


Prompt 3: Friday 15th. Week 3.

A Parents view of a Child's First Time of a Learning Milestone.


Prompt 4: Friday 22nd. Week 4.

An Unusual Weather System to experience in your part of the World.


Prompt 5: Friday 29th. Week 5.

A Visit from a Relative who you dislike.


Prompt 1: Friday 5th. Week 6.

The Nearest non-Electrical Object to You begins to glow. What happens next?

Prompt 2: Friday 12th. Week 7.

You wake up one morning to find a Mouse sat on your Sofa, what does he say and what happens next.


Prompt 3: Friday 19th. Week 8.

Your Favourite Author visits you in a Dream, what do they show you and where do you go?


Prompt 4: Friday 26th. Week 9.

Retell a Classic Nursery Rhyme without making it obvious.



Prompt 1: Friday 31st. Week 10.
Your Space Shuttle Lands on a World much like Earth but instead of Humans, you find it populated by Merfolk and the land is untouched by them.

Prompt 2: Friday 7th. Week 11.
A Time of Great Change.

Prompt 3: Friday 14th. Week 12.
The Last First Kiss.

Prompt 4: Friday 21th. Week 13.
When Time Stood Still.

Prompt 5: Friday 28th. Week 14.
Golden Oldie Song on the Radio.


Prompt 1: Friday 4th. Week 15.
An Old School Friend moves next door.

Prompt 2: Friday 11th. Week 16.
An Alien Signal is broadcast on TV warning the World is going to Explode.

Prompt 3: Friday 18th. Week 17.
You fail an Exam but as you leave you find yourself sat back at the desk with the paper untouched.

Prompt 4: Friday 25th. Week 18.
You watch an advert about an endangered Animal, then you suddenly turn in to one.


Prompt 1: Friday 2nd. Week 19.
You find a Halloween Card from a love interest asking to meet you at the Fairground.

Prompt 2: Friday 9th. Week 20.
While late night shopping for a Halloween Costume the store shuts and the costumes come to life.

Prompt 3: Friday 16th. Week 21.
You wake up on 1st November with two puncture wounds on your neck, why, what happened.

Prompt 4: Friday 23th. Week 22.
Your best friend is brutally murdered before your eyes, but once you have slept the nightmare starts again.

Prompt 5: Friday 30th. Week 23.
While out in town the Halloween decorations begin to follow you, then they start to chase you.