Agent Thirteen is a highly skilled member of the Time Council, a Collection of the best a species can offer to help protect the Nexus from being used to cause untold havoc along a Trillion, Trillion timelines set in the past, present and future.

Until now Agent Thirteen has had an unblemished record of protecting the Nexus that spans over a hundred years of service protecting it. Now he has to chase the first person to ever beat him before they cause un-save-able damage to the whole of existence.

Join Agent Thirteen as he hunts down his target across time and space in order to bring the culprit to justice before he destroys anything that cannot be replaced.

Part 1

There had been attempts before, higher beings had attempted to break through the Nexus, to cause it to collapse or implode. Yet none had been successful.

The mighty titan Galacas had once fought his way to the nexus field, his pure strength and size was no match for the Time Agents, who struggled to bring him down. Yet among them one appeared and single handedly brought the cosmic elder to his knees before he could reach the Nexus itself.

Agent Thirteen was hailed a hero, the mad titan imprisoned for all of time, the Nexus was safe. So more tried, they all failed, one after the other, unable to slip passed, fight through or out smart Agent Thirteen.

The Time Council had found their ultimate sentinel, a warrior, a thinker and a giant among all others. Yet he still remained for the most part a Man from Earth. A humble human, among the galactic Lords and God's of the cosmos, he stood defiant in protection of the Nexus.

While on guard someone had slipped passed him, an action until that moment had seemed impossible. Yet the Nexus Monitor showed a flux, an anomaly, a breach. The Time Council summoned their best Agent and tasked him with finding out who had breached the Nexus and Why, then stop them.

Stopping to stare at the Nexus, Agent Thirteen knew that by stepping into it, his world was going to change forever. The anomaly was showing up in 2020, October 1st, in London. Taking a deep breath he walked into the Nexus.

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