Thank You for Joining Us for our Talk it Over Feature. Every Month Two of our Writers catch up and get to ask each other questions and have a good chat that we share with you.

In each session there are 5 Questions that are universal to all Writers, and then each Host can ask the other, 5 Questions that they want to know about them, their writing or lives. We also ask the Community to ask questions and then we well select 5 Questions from the Community Questions for them to answer.

Below are the Links to our new Podcast Channel on Podbean, so you will be directed away from our Website.

Session #1: June. Erudessa Gentian and Anthony Rout. Available.

Session #2: July. TBA.

Session #3: August. TBA.

Session #4: September. TBA.

Session #5: October. TBA.

Session #6: November. TBA.

Session #7: December. TBA.

Session #8: January 2022. TBA.

Session #9: February 2022. TBA.

Session #10: March 2022. TBA.

Session #11: April 2022. TBA.

Session #12: May 2022. TBA.