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Ever Do you like Poetry? Do you write it yourself, or simply enjoying reading it?

Well our Poetry Corner is stocked with a selection of Poetry we have had submitted and featured in our Magazine. We believe Poetry is a window to the soul, a burst of energy and emotion, a great way to tell a dynamic story and has many other benefits.

Poetry is like the sea, it can ebb and flow, it can engulf us, or calm us down to stillness, it is magic in word form. So drink deep and delve willingly into our little corner of Poetry.

Draw Me Close to You

Written by Vivian Lin

Draw me close to you

Capture me with that camera

Sketch me

Paint me

Put me on your photograph

Pressed mine against your wall

As part of yours

Your beautiful landscape

Mixed my lonesome spirit

No more silence

Friendship has come to an end

You never even called me a friend after all this time


Your mind has made such a beautiful creationYour sweet, sweet promises

You left me die

When I was ready to fight

You will let me die again for sure

I said,

Draw me close to you

Make me your priority

Don't put me in the corner of your wallIt was cold

I felt vulnerableI was dying to knowI was worthy or such a replacement

Draw me close to you

Let me know the real you behind that lense

The more I've tried

Deeper pains I felt

You never care at all

Take off my clothes

Put me in our battlefield

When you were totally into me

Once I'm in, I'm all in

Let me naked to your eyes

When nobody can't see but you

But you just have seen me

Not felt me

I was all inside your mind

It's beautiful but tragic

I loved you more

But you didn't know it unless I said so

You believed words more than my effortsI was in pain

It blinded myself conscious

When all red flags messed up my mind

I should have run but I didn't

Instead I ran to youAnd I was lost till I felt nothing

Till no more memory to keep

It painted black now. ⠀

© Vivian Lin ⠀

The Face of Hate

Written by Charlotte Mora

It twists and it dissects spins out of control.

Digging and gnawing creating a hole.

It shifts and it mangles while losing in wait.

Your gonna see it!

The face of hate.

It just gets bigger and your growing small.

Mind over matter while you take the fall.

Once it's gone viral and makes you a shell.

It crushes your spirit and takes you to hell.

Now you feel torment.

You've lost your sight.

Everyday happenings turn into a fight.

Your mind is infected now it's your turn.

Slowly but surely your gonna burn.

Your left in a pile.

Your blowing away.

You got what you wanted.

It's hell to pay

Ashes to ashes turn dust to dust.

The face of hate, now it's a must.

Charlotte 2018

Welcome to the Medical Gauntlet

Written by Pandora Welch

Not everyone is up to medical gauntlet standards,

Multiple appointments a week

For the ultimate betterment of your help

Sometimes the appointments are at different hospitals or doctors offices

It's a pain, believe me

There are three reasons to

Enter the gauntlet:

You're seeing a new doctor with a concern you're not used to

You have underlying health conditions

Your family has concerning medical history you may have

Right now my household has two gauntlet members

My roommate and me

Gauntlets always take their toll because they are so tiring, wait times can be a pain, and more impatient patients are annoying

But gauntlets during a pandemic can cause more anxiety than usual

Especially when people won't wear masks, think they're more important, and the wait room is an impossible place to social distance in

I'm an expert when it comes to the gauntlet

But sadly this is my roommate's first

So though it would make him so much better

It's hard to get started

I try to support him and motivate him

If he doesn't enter the gauntlet

He may lose his ability to walk

As a woman with what I call "bambi legs" it scares and worries me

I wish my words of encouragement could help

Our severe back pain started the same

With our PTSD and depression,

It's so crippling that we fail to stand up and walk enough

Sitting almost full time is tough on the back

I welcome my roommate to the medical gauntlet

I hope things work out

I'm here for you

I know it's scary and incredibly annoying

But I promise you

It'll be entirely worth it

Black Lives Matter

Written by Bella Barriga

“Welcome to America,
Your going to love it here,
And don’t believe a word about any bad thing that you hear,
Just listen to me when I say white privilege doesn’t exist”
If you believe that your stupid,
Or maybe just new
Because being black in America is one of the hardest things you can do
When I see a cop I worry about getting a ticket,
They worry about getting shot,
They worry about becoming another hashtag that will soon be forgot
Being black in America shouldn’t be a death sentence,
And being white in America shouldn’t get you anything,
But apparently years of fighting oppression doesn’t mean a thing,
Because they fought just to see the light of day
But ignorant white people get to decide that racism doesn’t exist today
But I know it does because I’m white and see it everyday
Racism existed back then and it still does now,
So now I’m saying this the only way that I know how,
I’m writing these words with this pen as I scream them out loud

I’m white,
So I’m truly sorry that I’ll never understand,
I’ll never get what you go through daily,
I don’t experience it first hand,
But hear you and I will fight for you in the best way I can,
With these lyrics I will speak,
With this pen In my hand
I’m white and I don’t have to live in fear that my life will be taken away,
I’m sorry that you didn’t do anything wrong but they still think you have to pay,
I don’t have a knee to my neck while screaming out that I can’t breathe,
I don’t feel like I don’t have a voice cause nobody’s listening to me,
All lives don’t matter till black lives do,
That’s just the truth,
All lives matter is just a coverup statement
that was found,
There’s so much oppression today that long ago should have been deep in the ground,
Liberty for all is a lie,
That’s just not how it is right now
And if you can’t see that your blind
I refuse to let other people’s ignorance stain my mind,
I refuse to let white people act as if their skin isn’t a shield
Because I know first hand that my skin is a shield,
And I will use it to make sure I can get between them in the field
I will use it to make sure there aren’t any cops whose racism goes unrevealed

There are so many bad cops now,
You don’t need a show to know how to get away with murder,
All you need is a blue uniform,
If you think America is great,
Your clearly breathing in chloroform
Cause it’s not
But when your wearing the uniform it’s ok for an innocent black person to get shot
He was unarmed,
He didn’t have a gun or a knife
Yet that cop felt it right to end his life
That’s not okay,
There isn’t a day that this country has been okay
Because America was built on the backs of black people,
And that’s still legal,
Nobody cares if being black in America is lethal,
Unless its recorded on an iPhone,
But think about the countless people that didn’t make it home,
Who aren’t known
All because it wasn’t recorded
And it wasn’t reported
Then that cop gets rewarded?
That’s inexcusable
And this will continue till people see there is no place for “bad apples” in a profession that’s life or death,
Chris rock said it best
And I won’t stop saying this till I take my last breath

I’m not black but I see you,
I’m not black but I hear you
I’m not black but I mourn with you,
I’m not black but I will fight for you,
I’m not black but I care
And a lot of people do too,
Cause black lives matter, they do

A Poem

Written by Taymia Zahidi

I wish to live

in a yellow house

on an oak tree old and tall

proud and wise


from the clutterin my mind


there such homes

may one be mine

may I find

solace and peace

midst these loud

screams and shrieks

I wish to find

a home that's mine

a yellow tree house.

Missing Family Time

Written by Kaylyn Gabbert

I love my own company.

I'm usually in my room

Working, writing, drawing

The TV's watching me

Usually documentaries that inspire meI daydream a lot

And sometimes I sing and dance

Now that we're starting month two

Of social distancing

I miss surprise visits from family

I miss D&D sessionsI miss hugs, laughter, and jokes

When the parents came over

Mom and I would catch up and can talk about anything

In the background you can hear Dad and the guys talking about sports or fandoms

My brother Maurice and I simply catch up and talk about work

My brother Eric will catch me up on our shared fandoms

His imagery is so good I can practically see the shows playing out

My brother Marshall and I catch up and can talk about anything

I also miss hanging with my niece

Playing with our combined sets of dolls

Watching TV

Doing arts and crafts and coloring

I tell her stories of a character I based off her in one of my books

She always has the biggest smile when it comes to that

Her eyes light up as well as if they're smiling too

When this is over I hope to have family dinners at Mom's

Try hosting a trivia night at my house

Have a late Easter celebration with my niece

And have a friend over for a scary movie marathon

Cook dinner with her

Where Did The Time Go

Written by Kaylyn Gabbert

You knocked, and I said, 'Come in.'

You opened it

And I didn't even know you

But I guess you looked slightly familiar

Because when you hugged me My arms instinctively wrapped around you

Then my brain remembered you,My oldest niece

So much taller

So beautiful

Once we hugged I fully forgot about the social distancing

But you didn't

You stood six feet away

And we watched a cartoon You used to watch

While we watched We caught up

I heard you're staying for the summer

And I hope to see you again Before you go home

We talked about how your younger cousin inspired a character of mine

And what you would want to be

As well as what you'd want your parents to be

You told me about your room

And our family

How silly your sister is

How small Wela is to you

How your mom is

Can't believe it has been three years since I last saw you

This was the first time you saw my apartment

I hope you had a good time

I miss you and love you so much

Hey Me, Oh My Soul

Written by Vivian Lin

Hey me,

remember when we both were in touch,

The world is so small,

But it doesn't seem to be okay,

I cried, I died many times,

Had suffer enough pain,

Since my childhood been literally suck,

Painful memories,

Oh dearest friend how I miss your love,

For every moments that we had shared,

For every pieces of me,

I was picking up for,

To find my way back home,

When you said farewell in your funeral,

You were insane but I have loved you,

When the only place I can find was in you,

Always have nowhere to go since you left,

Hey old me,

Remember back then when I was only 36kg,

Nobody looked at me the same way,

After that horrible days,

In hell you put my crown on,

In hell I found my way back to life,

Bleeding, breathing, fading,

Oh my soul you've been trapped somewhere,

By your own expectations,

Hey me,

Sometimes it's hard,

I didn't say it would be easy,

Sometimes life hits so hard,

So god damn hard,

And it's leading you to the edge of insanity,

You were screaming, bleeding, dying,

But you need to survive,

From this apocalypse,

You weren't let things down,

But it keeps bringing you down and down,

Hey me,

Abandonment issues,

Fvcked up your mind,

There seems to be no way to breathe,

In this dying world,

Find me in specific ways to go,

Hey me, I am here,

Break those rules,

Break what society has said,

Mental health,

Emotional unstable,

And he said I might have Bipolar, what?

Excuse me Sir, please mind your own business,

You don't know anything about me,

You've been doubting my ability now you assumed I have had Bipolar Disorder,

What's next? Stop it.

You've been underestimated me then you asked me to write a book for you,

Excuse me, are you okay?

Zolof is out of your pocket, Huh?

Insanity, Curiosity,

Drugs, cigarettes and sex,

Of course what Jesus said on Bible,

It was left behind,

It's all lies people created,

Satan hides behind all those crime scary scenes on screen and paper,

Never know what's left on me,

But I am the winner not whiner,

Fade away, fly away,


By stupid conclusion,

Conquer my own illusions,

Tomorrow we never know,

Yesterday is gone,

Rest in peace my old soul,

Sweet memories.