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About Myself:

1. Tell us one Interesting Event that happened during the year you were born.

The Berlin Wall started coming down!

2. Did you grow up in a City, Town or Village, and what was it like?

I grew up in a small city. It was a pretty nice balance, since it wasn’t a huge concrete jungle (like Dallas or New York). We could still see a fair amount of the night sky, but it also had a lot of city conveniences. (Lots of places had late hours, tons of different types of stores, etc.)

3. What is your Family Dynamic like?

It’s my husband, our German shepherd pup, and me.

4. What is one odd thing you collect?


5. If you could tell your 10-year-old self something, what would it be?

Study languages!! They’re so hard for me. But if I had given myself a better foundation while younger, my adult years attempting to learn a new language would have gone much smoother.

6. Tell us about a Childhood Moment that helped to define who you are.

The first time I saw Celtic Woman perform on PBS, I absolutely fell in love with the style. I had already been playing multiple genres, including Celtic, for several years. But I think then was when it became my favorite.


About My Work:

1. As a ratio, what is your completion rate on your written work?

Completing a lot of short stories has helped this ratio a ton…Right now, I’m probably 70:30 (Unfinished to Finished)

2. What has been your favorite piece to write so far? (Finished or Unfinished)

I think it’s between my debut novel, Power In Time, and my short story anthology, War of Wolves and Dragons

3. Who would you say has been the biggest personal encouragement to your decision to be a writer?

My husband. He’s supported me every step of the way, in more ways than I could ever imagine. The second would be my mom (who is the first person to tell me I should do something with my writing. I never even considered it before she said something)

4. Tell us of one time when you were most distracted while writing, and what happened

I get distracted a lot….

5. What is the Type/Genre of writing you enjoy the most?

So far, probably Fantasy

6. If you could guess what your current total word count would be, what do you think it is, and do you think anyone beside yourself has ever read it all?

I know no one else has read it all. Some of them are so old, I’ve never shown them to anyone. I’ve written at least half a million words over the years. First drafts. Beyond that, I don’t even want to try and calculate…

7. Open Mic

My creative writing spans lots of genres, mostly because I like to both read and write lots of genres. My blog covers even more ground, with travel articles, and interviews with diverse professionals across the world.


About My Current Work In Progress:

1. Who is the Main Character(s)?

The Main Character of Power In Time is Larkspur Bei Kynaston. But she’s surrounded by a large cast of important supporting characters.

2. Describe the Setting of the Work and the type/genre it would be considered

Power In Time is mostly set on the terraformed planet, Evren, 4,000 years in the future. The genre is Science Fantasy

3. What do you think is the most important message through the work you are trying to tell?

Through the whole series, Family and Leadership are very important lessons all the characters go through

4. What feedback have you had about the work so far?

Good story, interesting characters. I just need to work more on character development and world building (although I did a much better job about that this last draft)

5. Could you see it being made into something for TV?

Sure! It would be fun if the whole series could one day be turned into a TV mini-series

6. What is its current Word Count, and how many Edits/Drafts has it already been through?

Current Word Count: 41,000. It’s been through at least 4 drafts, and countless edits…I just got it back from my editor who did it’s second developmental edit!

7. Open Mic

Power In Time is the first book of my Kynaston Royal Saga. The Kynaston family is one of the most powerful royal families across all four inhabited planets, 4,000 years from now.


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