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Ever wondered what being stranded on a desert island would be like? What challenges you may face, what you might find, well our Desert Island Survival Feature is just that, throwing our Writers into a wild situation, stranded on an island and they have no idea what there is or what could happen.

The feature is written in two ways, the Narrative, provided by GWC as an over view of whats happened on the island over a period of time, then we have the Diary Entries, the Story, told from the Survivors point of view, written by the Authors.

This dynamic back and forth story telling creates a vast amount of scope for the Author to work with while remaining prompted to certain plot points. How this unfolds is yet to be determined, this could be a massive success, or a flop, but we are trying and pushing the boundaries of great writing.

Day 1

You awake to the sound of waves crashing over rock and sand, feeling the ground beneath you ebb as its wet presence begins to bring your senses in to a realisation that something isn't right. As your ears adjust to the slight ringing in them you hear birds faintly in the distance, water splashing and the rustling of leaves as they sway in the chilled breeze you feel along your back. Lifting your head from the sand you look around and the warm bright sunshine reveals a sloping beach, lined with unfamiliar trees along the top. You look both to your left and right to see the beach extend off in both directions until it meets the sea. However the beach isn't empty as debris and familiar parts of the transport you were on now lay scattered about. You can't remember what happened, in fact the last forty eight hours all seem a little blurry. Slowly getting to your feet you allow your eyes to adjust and look out across the sea. There is no sign of land on the horizon, just endless water and a sky with grey clouds approaching. You quickly realise you have most likely been washed up on an island in the middle of nowhere and now you would have to find someway to survive and eventually leave the island. Deciding to search one of the small boxes nearby you discover a large amount of lined paper and pens. You decide to use it to start a diary and your first task is to try and remember what happened to you and how you ended up here on this island. From here you realise the next Twenty Four Hours is critical, food, water and somewhere to sleep is vital. Any electrical devices including your cell phone, you have found are soaked and cannot be used.

Day 3

There is something amazing about a cloudless sky, being able to see the countless stars in the heavens.

What you didn't expect was the loud Flutter of Wings, the noise circling the island, getting louder as more and more of the local bat's joined in the hunt for food.

The sheer noise didn't allow you to sleep, giving you plenty of time to think back, and you find yourself remember the first time you laid eyes on one of your ex-partners.

As you stare into the night sky a glowing light passes across the sky high above you, most likely a plane, at least civilisation hasn't stopped without you, but it is an interesting turn of events, that the island is under at least one flight path.

As morning breaks and the bat's return to where ever they nest, you realise there must be so much more of the island to explore.

So gathering a little food and some water you venture into the forest, taking whatever supplies you feel you need for the day ahead. Aware however that you may not make it back to the camp.

Day 5

As the sun crests the horizon you find yourself drenched. The storm during the night as bad as you remember it being, has had one unforeseen affect on you and your survival. You look about and you don't recognise where you are.

While there is enough light to allow the vast cavern you are in some visibility, a lot of what is around you is shrouded in a deep darkness. You check yourself over but no serious injury, just a few more cuts and bruises to those you have already collected.

The beam of light from above you is the only clue to how you got where you are. You search what you can of the ground around you and discover some useful items, including an old tinder box.

Echoes of scurrying within the cavern send a shiver down your back and cause the hairs on your neck to rise. You look for way out but there seems to be nothing immediately helpful except the hole above you, some fifty feet above you.

You are left with no choice but to explore the cavern. You expect to be in the cavern a while, maybe even days. But a way out must be found.

Diary of Slade Beckman

Day 2

What a Night. The first thing that came of the storm was the lightning, every strike lit up the night sky, the very electricity creating beautiful yet frightening patterns in the air and through the water around you. Then came the thunder, its low grumbling leaving an eerie echo before it ended with a flash of light followed by another bone vibrating roar. When the rain reached the island it was cold, falling heavily and without any real direction, it felt more like a sheet of water that droplets. The wind howled and between the four elements the night dragged on in a miraculous but devastatingly wild show of nature. Finally when the storm broke and dawn was on the horizon, the beach was full of small fish, many had failed to make it back to the sea, some had found safety in small pools in the sand. Much of the debris that had ended up on the beach was now no where to be seen. However a large tree had fallen during the storm and it had ended up uprooting with its tallest point now resting in the calm waters. Among the early morning noise there is a faint bleating and you hope that it is either a goat or a sheep. However you are aware that you will have to explore more. The day ahead looks as though its going to be hot, with little cloud cover.

Day 4

You wake flustered unsure what day it is, but you think back and you realise, and although it doesn't feel like it, it's only day four.

While you contemplate the last few days you remember something happening just before you slept, you can't remember if it was a shadowy figure or just an animal near by but it sets you on edge.

The discoveries of yesterday linger and you continue to try and work out how they can actually help, your initial thoughts are thrown into question and you realise self doubt is now beginning to creep in.

The island is more complex and larger than you originally hoped for. Yet it seems a day of questions and second guesses... Do you risk exploring the island more or now concentrate on a rescue that doesn't seem like it is close.

There has been no sightings of any other crafts in the air or on the water. Maybe the world is having a string of Sundays, or maybe you are actually in a very remote part of the world.

As you sit thinking something catches your eye, so you clear the debris around it and discover a bottle, an empty bottle shaped in the old fashioned rum bottles were designed in the age of sail. A hopeful sign that the island still may have secrets to discover, was this a sign of a smugglers island, or will it turn out to be just something pulled in off the countless tides that have washed over the island.

During the day however you feel an itch on your shoulder and without scratching it you feel to see what it is. When you pull your hand clear there is blood, not much, but enough to suggest a small open scratch, a bite or a spot... Its day four and have you considered dealing with personal hygiene.

As night sets in it sounds like thunder again in the distance and the sky is lit up with lightning. Another rough night is on its way.

Day 6

At first you thought it was nothing. It caused you to wake but you shrugged off the low grumbling sound that resembled thunder. The sun was now breaking the horizon and the island was bathed in a series of red-ish tones that made the island look like it was on fire.

What you failed to notice was the eerie silence that the island had been thrown into, and then there was another rumble, but this time you felt it underfoot.

Next you hear a mighty crack and then the sound of a tree nearby crashing through other trees moments before it hits the floor with a mighty thud. Birds scatter from the trees and are quickly flying off in all directions.

You notice insects and small animals all frantically moving about, you have never seen so much life, yet the thrill is quickly dampened as another earth moving rumble almost throws you to your knees. The realisation that something isn’t right dawns on you and you begin to panic.

Whatever is now happening the island isn’t safe so you decided you have three options, head for the highest point, head off into the shallows on a raft of some kind, or prepare yourself for the worst.