About Yourself

1. Tell Us one interesting Event that happened during the Year you were Born.: In the city I was born in the month after I was born an arsonist started setting fires; first at churches, then companies, then residential homes. The arsonist eventually started seventy-five fires before getting caught. Luckily my parents don't remember this. I learned about this through a Forensic Files episode and was fascinated. To be fair, what makes it fascinating is what evidence gets the criminal caught.

2. Did you grow up in a City, Town or Village and what was it like.: I grew up nomadic with Mom and a couple of my siblings. As a kid, I wasn't always thrilled about it, but as an adult I'm grateful I didn't grow up in only one place.

3. What is your Family Dynamic like?: I grew up visiting my dad in the winter and summer with my sister, and living with our mom and younger brother until I was about fourteen. Right before I turned fourteen, I decided I wanted to live with my dad, stepmom, older brother (step), and half brother.

4. What is one odd thing you Collect?: I collect jewelry, but since I have a nickel allergy I apparently end up buying more of the jewelry for my childhood teddy bear who has become my makeshift jewelry box.

5. If you could tell your 10 year old self something what would it be?: Life might become extremely hard, but you're the bravest girl I know. You'll make it no problem, and more importantly it will all be worth it.

6. Tell Us about a Childhood Moment that helped to define who you are.: I'd have to say when all of my high school teachers just kind of rolled with the fact I mostly wrote fiction in their class and they didn't say anything about it. It was just how it was, until in my junior year a student in my French class spoke up saying he couldn't believe that I was writing down all the notes she was saying, and our teacher immediately scoffed stating, "Kaylyn's not writing notes, she's writing her stories." After that class she challenged me to add French in my stories.

About Your Work

1. As a ratio, what is your completion rate on your written work?: My completion rate is 10%, but with more writers in my writing family maybe that ratio will go up.

2. What has been your favourite piece to write so far? (Finished or Unfinished): My current favorite is The Pain of the Silenced because it compiles a lot of what I learned as a teen which was unfortunate, most adults don't want to admit kids and teens actually have it pretty rough.

3. Who would you say has been the biggest personal encouragement to your decision to be a writer?: My parents, (Moms (biological and in-law) and Dads (biological, my brother's, and in-law), my husband, and most of my family have been very encouraging. A shout-out to some of my siblings like Mike, Twin, and Adam. They're always there for me.

4. Tell us of one time when you were most distracted while writing and what happened.: Nothing used to distract me from writing, like ever until I married into the Chico Clan. Then just hanging with them takes precedence over writing. Most talking and telling stories with my brother, Marshall and I will talk for hours until something reminds us about real life. Then there's my niece, Nana. We'll play for hours until her uncle comes to pick her up. My favorite part is after hanging with both of them I'm more inspired than before.

5. What is the Type/Genre of Writing you enjoy the most?: I write mostly contemporary fantasy, but I've been playing with more horrific themes.

6. If you could guess what your current total word count would be, what do you think it is and do you think anyone beside yourself has ever read it all?: I asked my brother who is currently hanging with me what he thinks my overall word count is, and he believes it's in the billions. As for has anyone ever read it all, no. My husband, Richard can't even keep up with all my new projects, so I summarize the important information.

About Your Current Work In Progress

1. Who is the Main Character(s): There's Lylla and Macmahon Logan, Jameson Towdry, and then the twins Tawny and Celia Cypress.

2. Describe the Setting of the Work and the type/genre it would be considered.: They live in Arizona, but I don't have a specific town in mind. This would be paranormal, horror.

3. What do you think is the most important message through the work you are trying to tell?: The dead often don't leave until they have finished their unfinished business.

4. What feedback have you had about the work so far?: People have been really interested so far, especially since our medium is a high school student who seems to have gotten her life together. I definitely have a way of pulling readers in.

5. Could you see it being made into something for TV?: I have been fiddling with making it a script, but I'm only at the beginning so far.

6. What is its current Word Count and how many Edits, Drafts has it already been through.: I don't do full edits until I have a full script, but I am on draft two-ish because I apparently started the first one in the climax of the story.

7. Because I've been freezing up while working on my level for a game script at StrideStar Studios, I've decided to challenge myself. I don't know if I'm freezing up because I'm out of practice typing scripts or because I'm afraid to typing in front of people, but because of this I've been typing this current project of mine in script format in front of some of my writing friends to gain confidence. So far it's been helping a lot.