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About Yourself

1. Did you grow up in a City, Town or Village and what was it like.

I grew up moving around a lot with my mom, sister, and brother. Right before my fourteenth birthday I moved to my dad's to be with him, his wife, and my brothers.

2. What is your Family Dynamic like?

I got along with my youngest brother and dad the most growing up. I didn't always see eye-to-eye with my mom or stepmother. Now I get along with my sister and mom a lot more. Even though my brother is busy all the time, I couldn't be more proud of him. I also have extended family through strong friendships and through marriage.

3. What is one odd thing you Collect.

I collect notebooks (my mom and husband can attest to this). I also collect knickknacks. I collect inspiration to keep me motivated to write. I collect inspiration from everywhere like TV, books, movies, and documentaries.

4. Tell Us about a Childhood Moment that helped to define who you are.

I was bored while coming back from a weekend long, church camping trip. While in the car I wrote a short fiction piece. Ever since then I've been addicted to writing.

5. Open Mic.

I'm still finding out who I am as a writer. I love writing fantasy stories/ novels, but I'm falling in love with writing game scripts and writing short nonfiction stories. I also always write under my unmarried name.


About Your Work

1. As a ratio, what is your completion rate on your written work?

It's embarrassingly like two percent, possibly less.

2. What has been your favourite piece to write so far? (Finished or Unfinished):

My favorite pieces would be Under the Lake and Escaping Hell (Drag Me to Hell's sequel) because they've gone through so many drafts and versions over the years. I started Under the Lake when I was thirteen or fourteen, and I started Escaping Hell in 2011. I plan on finishing both of them.

3. Who would you say has been the biggest personal encouragement to your decision to be a writer?

My dad, my mother-in-law, Mike, Twin, and my husband are tied. Dad introduced me to an author to show me what the career would have in store for me. My mom-in-law is always so proud of her daughter-in-law being an author, and she helps me edit. I can always bounce ideas off Mike, Twin, Richard (my husband), and Mama Chico (mother-in-law).

4. Tell us of one time when you were most distracted while writing and what happened.

Mourning my dad's passing made writing tough. There was so much going on then, and my depression was eating away at me during me writing Drag Me to Hell. Then when my computer decided to delete my hard drive with the only copy of my Drag Me to Hell; I reached out to people I had emailed copies to. Both Mike and a friend overseas sent it back to me. Once I got back to working on it I actually finished the first novel I wanted to publish.

5. What is the Type/Genre of Writing you enjoy the most?

I thought I loved writing science fiction, but I love writing contemporary fantasy so much more.

6. If you could guess what your current total word count would be, what do you think it is and do you think anyone beside yourself has ever read it all?

My total word count would be over 600,000 or 700,000. I know I have a trusted group of friends who read a lot of my handwritten copies of stuff and the occasional typed stuff.

7. Open Mic.

I'm enjoying pretty much living in my Head Hunters' universe. I'm exploring new settings, new dangers, and more diverse characters. I also find a lot of information I saw on TV or read on my computer that I realize are very helpful to my stories.


About Your Current Work In Progress

1. Who is the Main Character(s)?

Chels, a reclusive music nymph, is the main character.

2. Describe the Setting of the Work and the type/genre it would be considered.

It's based in O'Neal's, CA, a place I used to vacation a lot. The story would be contemporary fantasy and horror because there are supernatural creatures being hunted and experimented on by some evil humans, called Head Hunters.

3. What do you think is the most important message through the work you are trying to tell.

When people are in danger you can't just sit back and do nothing.

4. What feedback have you had about the work so far.

I've got good feedback on how the story was intriguing and some notes that could make it more realistic.

5. Could you see it being made into something for TV?

Yes, but I wouldn't let it become a TV show or movie.

6. What is its current Word Count and how many Edits, Drafts has it already been through.

I'm still on the first draft, but it's gone through many grammatical edits. All my first drafts are handwritten. I'm on page ninety-five.