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You and a Group of Friends find yourselves stranded near an abandoned house as night sets in. The problem is that it is the dark of winter and the night is long.

In order to get home you must survive the night inside the old house but it is not as quite and forgotten as it seems.

Prepare for the longest night of your life in side... The Horror House.

1st Hour

You are not sure why you stepped inside the old abandoned house, all you know is that you were not the only one, but now as you stand in the dark, the other’s have vanished. You are alone, and the growing darkness around you is beginning to cause you to panic.

Then just as you feel all hope is lost you see a bright light up ahead, hovering three feet off the floor, you are drawn to it, unsure why, then suddenly a noise off to your left draws your attention and you stare into the eyes of something you cannot describe. You shiver as a cold touch to your shoulder startles you and, your turn to face off toward the right of the door to see a faint figure dart from view.

The hallway goes dark and you hear a disembodied voice speak as though it was old and weary.

“Trespasser… You have walked freely into this house, your punishment for doing so is to be locked inside this house for twelve hours along side the horrors that dwell here. Your nightmare has just began.”

From no where you hear a window shatter and the wind howl before faint candlelight appears in the nearby rooms. The distant sounds of playing and laughter eerily hang in the air.

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