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A Little Cheese

Written and Read by Anthony Rout

In a Big House, there was an Old Clock. And on the Hour, it went Tick-i-ty Tock.

It made a lot of Sound, it echoed through the Ground, Disturbing a Sleeping Mouse.

It was a very small Mouse, that lived in this big House, and no one knew he was there.

He’d run along the floor, crawl under the door and he would do it all without a care.

What he loved to do the most, was not to climb up a post…

It was not to swim in the sink, or to read a book and think…

No, he was after something more tasty.

He would jump from chair to chair, climb from here to there, making it all look exciting.

All on his own, he would sneak from his home, even though in the dark it was frightening.

What he wanted to see the most, was not a scary ghost…

It was not the Family Cat, that would be sleeping on the mat…

No, he was after something more tasty.

The mouse knew where to go, so he moved nice and low, until he found the little plate.

There on the dish, was his very tasty wish, which he sat down and ate.

What he wanted to taste the most, wasn’t the left over Toast…

It was not to steal the ham, or eat all the Strawberry Jam…

No, he was after something more tasty.

But can you guess what he was eating, right there where he was sitting.

As bold as any Mouse could be, with a big smile on his face you see.

He sat there just holding his Cheese, and then he asks for More Please.

The Seven

Written by C. DeClue

New school, new life, and new friends. How will I ever survive? I'm not even good at talking to people.

At least I have superpowers. That has to count for something.

After giving myself a pep talk in my mind, I finally walk in. The narrow halls are crowded with kids weaving in and out, melting into the walls and disappearing into classrooms. Who knew middle school would require you to switch classes? I thought they only did that in high school?


That's just another thing I have to worry about. I walk up to my locker to find a boy my age leaning against it. He has rich dark black hair swept up into micro twists that are hanging freely from his head. His style is effortlessly cool, a superman t-shirt with a jean jacket and black torn knee skinny jeans. He smells of fresh soap and Doritos.

"What's up?" He asks casually. "You new?"

His voice is deeper than mine, much steadier.

"That's my locker you're leaning on," I reply.

DUMB! I should have answered him. What if he was trying to be friendly? Nobody was ever friendly to me at my last school.

That's why I got in a fight and ended up in detention.

That's how I got my powers.

Maybe I should try harder at this school. It would be nice to have a friend, or perhaps even two.

I reverse my attitude.

"Yeah, I'm new. Jaden," I say to him as I put my fist out for a quick bump. He does the top, bottom with a slap.

"Tyron. What class you got now?"

I look down at my schedule as I finish shoving all my crap in the metal box the school assigned me. The locker I am supposed to use for the rest of the year. The locker that smells like dirty gym socks and rotten cheese and has a minimum of three wads of gum stuck to the top. There are probably a few more I haven't spotted yet.

"Geometry. What about you?"

"Same. Come on, you can follow me."

I follow Tyron, noticing the fluid way he moves as if his muscles were water flowing over rocks in a riverbed. I, myself, clumsily clunk down the hall, my too large for my body feet tripping carelessly over one another. So far, Tyron doesn't seem so bad. I really want to make friends, but in the past...well.

It's hard to trust people when they trick you into stepping in mud or blow up the bathroom with fireworks and blame you for it. Bullies really make it hard to want to be around people.

As we are walking to math, Frannie appears in front of us. Tyron jumps back suddenly and seems really freaked out because she materialized, basically out of thin air.

But I'm used to Frannie's powers. She was in detention the day it happened.

"I'm on my way to math, Fran. I can't be messing with you all. That's why I transferred schools." I tell her as I shove roughly past her leaving Tyron standing in the hall, mouth gaping open.

"Our future is at risk! Tyla is taking over AS WE SPEAK in the year 2030! Do you want to help or not?"

Her hysterical high-pitched screeching has other students looking now, and it's embarrassing.

"Frannie, shut up, and keep your voice down!" I yell whisper, "Over here!" as I grab her arm and jerk her to an empty spot in the hall.

"I'll be to class in a moment," I tell Tyron. He's still frozen, stunned by Frannie's appearance and probably by Frannie, in general.

She's pretty stunning with her amethyst hair, turquoise almond eyes, and steampunk style.

"We need your powers if we're going to save her. Are you in or out? You were her best friend before…"

She doesn't finish that statement, but I know what she means.

"What can I do? You guys are way more powerful than me?" I ask her, feeling both desperate and hopeless.

Why would she waste her time coming to me? Even though I have powers, they're useless most of the time!

"It's how you use your powers, Dummy!" Frannie scolds. "Tyla listens and respects you."

I look around the school, wondering how tomorrow will go, now that Frannie has embarrassed me in the hall... on my first day... at a new school.

It's not like I have much to lose.

"Fine! What do I have to do?"

She grabs my arm, and suddenly, we are standing in the hallway of my old school, looking into a classroom that is hosting after-school detention. We're all in there. Well, our past selves are. It's the day of the explosion.

"WHOA! You can time travel now!" I stutter as Frannie yanks me behind a trashcan just in time to miss bumping into myself as I head to the restroom before detention.

"Yes, and this is where it begins, so we need to disrupt the timeline. NOW!"

I stare at her, completely awed. Maybe, she doesn't realize the problem.

"If we disrupt the timeline, we might not get powers."

"That's the plan, genius!"