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Not Everyone's passion for writting is based on being able to write a story or a poem, some prefer to turn their pens toward a more active and some would say constructive writing method.

Articles can vary in style and content as much as fiction can, they can challenge the reader to look at things in a new way with knowledge they may not realise they were missing. Articles can be insightful, factual, pleasant or directly to a point.

Articles often carry a fair amount of Facts or Personal Opinions,both are equally valid here and we ask for people to respect that. One persons Crusade for Justice can be another persons call to war, but Articles are important to the writing community, including Political and Religious views.

God and Family

Written by Julia Thomas

Ask yourself these questions:

1.What is God trying to tell us?

2.What can we do to teach our children about God and the world?

3. How can we take care of our families?


Interesting right?

As we see the world is in a bad place and we need God's help, millions of people are not going to church nor reading the Bible.


People are worshipping other things, other than God, they need to redirect their focus toward God. The point is, God is trying to tell us something and we need to stop and listen. We should put those phones down and listen to what God is trying to tell us. If we want to get through this, we must have church the old school way. If we can home school our children, then why can't we bring back "home church" services, where we as a family can pray as a family, read and study the Bible together? Surely we can take 10 minutes out of our day to worship God from home.


Women need to pick up their Bibles and declare war on the evil in this world by prayer and Bible readings.


Women please take the time and teach your children, The Lord's Prayer, so they can say it every night. Have your children read from the Bible every night and take the kids to church on Sunday's.