Where did we Start

At our Heart we are a group of Writers who want to provide a service for others like ourselves. The 'We' is growing, but this all started with a 'Who', Anthony Rout. As a fond writer he discovered a writing community app and began submitting his stuff with them, from there he introducedan idea for a magazine to share some of the work on the app. Life got in the way and his commitment fell away, so he left the app. Later he decided to start a Facebook Group, Global Writing Community with one aim: To Unite Writers from around the Globe.

Two Years after the group was set up, still with only Thirty Group Members, he decided to start a Magazine for the Group, like the one he had introducedto the App Community. To help support the Magazine, the Facebook Group and the Instagram account of the GWC, he decided to create a Website to bring everything together and allow the Community to grow in a new and exciting way.

What are we About

The Global Writing Community was set up to be a place where Writers, Authors, Poets and their fans could share, discuss and create a community of support. This started as a Facebook Group because it was an easy to build environment for what the idea was to achieve.

Now that idea has evolved into something much bigger, a bigger dream because just like writing we are only limited by our imagination.

Our dream has become one to encompass many aspects of the Writing Community, from providing a variety of platforms to share their work to connecting dots from Idea to Publishing and Sales. As well as finding Artists for book covers, graphic novels and the such.

We know this is a mammoth task, one many others have tried and succeeded at, but we are not a business, we have no financial gain in the success of those we help. Because for us seeing an idea being taken to completion is reward enough.

Future plans also include being able to make links to media sources so Audio Books, short films, mini series or even feature films can be attempted by local firms and personnel.

We want to create a multi media community to help support rising talent in all fields of writing. Because we know success isn't a one person process.

Terms of Publication of Content

The Global Writing Community is a Online Platform for Writers to Share their Work online.


This service is provided at no cost and no payment is taken for it to be available to read.


Because of this all submissions are Voluntary and Permission is given by the Authors for us to share their works.


Because of this the following is deemed as Agreed between the GWC and each submitting Author.

1. The Author gives Permission for GWC to make available their Work via the GWC Online upon agreeing the following:

- A. No Money is Payed to the Author to feature a piece of work in the Magazine.

- B. No Money is Payed to the GWC to have a piece of work featured our Platforms.

- C. Copyright of any Submitted Work remains the property of the Author.

- D. GWC makes no claim to have Written or distribute any Submitted Work as their Own.

- E. All links, Images and Works are the Authors responsibility for Accuracy.


2. Authors and the GWC also agree to the following for submitted work:

- A. The GWC has the right to refuse submissions based on content that can be seen as Racial, Gender or Religiously conflictive.

- B. The GWC will reply to any requests within 24hrs and act upon requests within 48hrs. This includes requests to have Content removed from published platforms.

- C. Any Views of the Author given in their Work is not the view of the GWC which remains neutral on all Political, Religious and Social Issues.


Please remember that the work submitted is the hard work of the Author and needs to be respected.

What we Offer

On Facebook:

We have a Group and a Page that offer chances to get involved in daily and weekly Activities, including a Daily Question to make members consider elements of Character, Writing and Personal Development.

Also the group is a great way to share and discover work and ideas from members, including links to their blogs, webstores, websites and more.

The Battle Poet Feature will rely on our Facebook media to collect Votes for entries as the Feature unfolds.

On Instagram:

Our Instagram will be a colourful platform to keep reinforcing our features both in the Magazine and on the Website. 

Also the Battle Poets Feature will rely on votes cast from our Instagram Followers as well.

On Twitter:

We have added Twitter to our Social Media and while we are still building this outlet up we hope you will follow us and keep an eye out for our tweets.

On Youtube:

Why Youtube you may be asking? Well we are branching out on how we can reach our audiences and Youtube allows us to create and share videos.

Both our Magazine and Website have the fantastic ability to share videos, so we intend to make full use of this feature in 2021, while slowly building up its popularity until then.

Our Magazine:

Every Month on the 1st we will publish a completely free online Magazine that is open to anyone to submit any sort of article they like. The Magazine will also highlight features we have on the website and vise versa.


 The Magazine is easy to share and available to read on almost every device that uses a web browser or has access to an app store.

The Website:

What can't we do with the website, beside being able to pull the other three elements of our community together, we can work to share a much greater volume of articles, features which can include Audio Files, Videos, Galleries, Downloads and media links to other online publications.

We can also set aside space to advertise, promote or simple share events, new products or projects.