Every Month on our Facebook Group, there will be a Daily Story that Unfolds over 28 Days of the Month. Then in the following month the Whole Story is put together under this Feature Title, 28 Days, we wanted to call it 28 Days Later, until we realised people may get it confused with the 2002 Film. So we settled on just 28 Days.

These Stories will vary in Style and Genre so we cannot give any clue as to what to expect, but what we can say is that if you don't catch them on the facebook group, then you won't miss out as days after the story finishes, it will be available to read in the Magazine. and if you can't wait that long, every 7 Days we will update the story on here too.

If you would like to contribute to this Feature, then please get in touch via email at thegwconline@outlook.com and Title the Email 28 Days. We will get back in touch to discuss how and when you will be able to get involved.